Form Cure L Ecosystem

Automate Post-Curing With Form Cure L

Precisely controlled temperature and light to cure 3D printed parts to optimal performance properties.

Advanced Heating

Preheat the chamber to get parts ready for optimum post-curing.

Uniform Exposure

Provide consistent curing with a rotating turntable.

Maximize Material Properties

Leverage Form Cure L's default time and temperature settings unique to each material for optimum performance.

Rapid, High-Intensity Curing

Two 500W heaters bring temperatures up to 80°C in less than 10 minutes while three UV light modules emit the optimal wavelength of light for fast, effective curing.


Form CureForm Cure L
兼容的打印机Form 4、Form 4B、Form 3/+、Form 3B/+、Form 2Form 3L、Form 3BL、Form 4、Form 4B、Form 3/+、Form 3B/+、Form 2
尺寸26.2 x 26.2 x 34.0 cm
10.3 x 10.3 x 13.4 in
Height when open: 64 cm (25.2 in)
69.0 x 54.0 x 44.5 cm
27.2 x 21.3 x 17.5 in
重量5.6 kg
12.4 lbs
53 lb
Turntable Diameter19.3 cm
7.6 in
39.5 cm
15.6 in
Maximum Part Height18.5 cm
7.28 in
32 cm
12.6 in
Operating Temperature建议 18-28°C
建议 18-28°C
Maximum Cure Chamber80 °C
176 °F
80 °C
176 °F
光源13 multi-directional LEDs45 multi-directional LEDs
LED Power39 W70W
LED Radiant9.1 W36W
LED Wavelength 405 nm 375 nm, 405nm
功率要求90–240 V
6.0 A 50/60 Hz
144 W
Input (NA) 100 - 120 VAC, 50-60Hz, 15A
Input (EU) 220 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 8A